Only use mobile phone navigation on the train? This habit should be changed

Issuing time:2018-06-28 14:20

Since Nokia introduced the concept of smart phones, the concept of "smart" has begun to permeate our lives. From smartphones to smart homes to today’s car-linked systems, they are also experiencing “smart” changes.

Compared to the vehicle-based systems we used before, today’s car-linked systems are “intelligent”. This can be seen from the hot sale of mobile phone holders. It is precisely because of the limitations of traditional car-mounted systems that will lead us to use smart phones. The use of supplements, such as car navigation is far less accurate and convenient mobile navigation. Interestingly, in the research and development of the smart car linkage system, the domestic cars that have been lagging behind in the auto industry have been ahead of others this time.

For example, in the domestic automobile industry, Guangzhou Automobile Communication Co., Ltd., will be equipped with a new intelligent vehicle linkage system - AI in Car on the new GS4 to be listed. As the intelligent vehicle linkage system of Tencent and Guangzhou Automobile, AI in Car has Tencent software technical support. Integration with online media resources has great advantages in terms of maturity, smart design, etc. After all, our familiarity with Tencent's products is already very high. Tencent's technology products will be applied to the GS4 car linkage system. It will be easy for us to accept.

The cooperation between Tencent and Guangzhou Automobile will realize the intelligentization of the vehicle, which is firstly reflected in the interaction between the car and the human being and the recognition of the car scene. That is to say, this is not a simple stacking of existing software products, but a reintegration and online connection. This is the core competitive advantage of AI in Car online carborne systems.

Cooperation will be a win-win situation. AI in Car is a cooperative product between Tencent and GAC. For GAC, Tencent has provided it with a perfect voice interaction system, as well as a lot of media resources such as QQ music. In addition, it also has online perfect update capabilities that are not available in conventional on-board systems. In return, GAC also gave Tencent its use of space and time in the car, making its product application environment more extensive. For us, such an intelligent car linkage system also happens to liberate our mobile phone so that we don't always have to put the phone on the car and open navigation.

Professional people do professional things, the results will be efficient. The reason why the traditional in-vehicle system appears to be so tasteless is that the cycle it develops follows the development cycle of the car. The renewal cycle of a car has to be about three years. The current cycle of replacement of electronic products has been shortened to six months or even one quarter. As a result, the traditional car system, which is always late, certainly cannot keep up with our appetite.

In fact, the idea of similar cooperation between Internet companies and car companies in the development of smart car linkage systems has long been a case in point. SAIC and Alibaba have also collaborated on the development of the YunOS for Car intelligent vehicle linkage system. The YunOS for Car is characterized by an intelligent vehicle linkage system that is completely designed for automotive use. It can provide status of car tire pressure, water temperature, and other moments. In addition, human-computer interaction uses a more “simplified, visual” interaction, which allows us to operate this smart vehicle linkage system with the logic of operating smart electronic products and reduce our learning costs.

In addition, most car companies have also actively developed smart car linkage systems, such as Chang'an's smart In-Call driving system and Chery's Cloudrive car linkage system.

Compared to the in-vehicle system independently developed by car companies, we can see that the above-mentioned smart car linkage system is developed jointly by car companies and technology companies. More interesting is that the cooperation between them is not a single-line cooperation, but a number of cross-cooperation, such as Geely's R & D in the car system, not only with the company's cooperation, and Baidu Apollo also have joint R & D projects .

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