How much do you know about the GPS of the car

Issuing time:2018-06-28 14:13

The birth of a car is accompanied by a lot of functional service configuration, you are like gas stations, navigation systems, and so on, and car navigation has to mention GPS. There are four major navigation systems around the world. The first is the United States global positioning system, which consists of 24 navigation satellites with a precision of 10 meters, and second of Russia 's "lattice. The system is composed of 24 satellites. The third is the European "Galileo" navigation system. The system has a precision of 1 meters. It can be said to be a very market positioning system. The last one is our "Beidou" navigation system, which consists of 5 on orbit stationary satellites and 30 non stationary satellites with a positioning accuracy of 10 meters.

So how does the GPS positioning system come from? The earlier positioning system was used in the army, its predecessor was the American meridian satellite positioning system. The system was developed in 1958 and was formally put into use in 1964. Although the precision and data of the system are not so accurate, it undoubtedly lays the foundation for the development of GPS. By 1973, the US Department of defense formally set up research institutes in Losangeles, and GPS was born.

The principle of GPS is to first measure the distance from the satellite to the receiving end of the ground, and then analyze the large data collected by each satellite, and use the spatial interaction to accurately determine the specific location of the receiver.

GPS has the characteristics of all-weather positioning, high precision and simple operation, and GPS navigation guidance can save a lot of money and time.

The application space of satellite navigation is very wide, such as navigation, aviation, communication and so on. The GPS of our country starts late, but with the development of satellite positioning technology, GPS is also applied in various fields, and the Beidou navigation system is gradually accepted by various fields and even the countries of the world.

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